Collese Daley in front of cherry blossoms

Collese Daley


Prince George's County, Maryland

Undergraduate Major


Why Occupational Therapy?

In previous situations I've been in, there's been kids with developmental delays and people referred to them as "dumb" or "slow" or "special." And it's because they can't express themselves in a way that's culturally accepted or normal and I really just wanted to be their advocate because most of the time, they're really smart. They're onto things that people don't even think of, but they just can't express it. 

I've been in a place where, people have injuries and conditions and it really takes a toll on their mental health. They really begin to doubt themselves. They become unmotivated and I just want to be a part of the process of helping them regain their independence. In my opinion, people are special, they are interested in different things, and they have little quirks. So, I just like to dive into those and then help them regain their confidence and everything.

I mainly picked OT because I'm able to develop a more holistic relationship with the client than other healthcare professionals.

How to Advocate in Occupational Therapy

By sharing my knowledge, educating their family, their friends, going to schools and educating kids on what disability is, how it impacts different people, and how it is on a spectrum.

I can also help my client with their confidence, and through that, they can advocate for themselves.

The classes force us to go out in the community.

Connecting through Community Sites

I'm really working with people one one-on-one, through the community sites, helping them with their goals, learning what they want to do, and it's only my second semester.

Building Relationships with Faculty

The faculty are really open-minded. I've never established a relationship with them as I've had with other undergraduate professors. We got a chance to get to know them. The door is always open for us, whenever we need help and assistance, and they really challenge us to think outside of the box.

Balancing the Hybrid Schedule

It's been really good. I really like how I can make my own schedule and it's really convenient for me to manage work, life, and family.

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