Kiara Johnson in front of GW OT Word Wall

Kiara Johnson


Woodbridge, Virginia

Undergraduate Major

Health Science

Why Occupational Therapy?

Originally, I wanted to be a medical doctor, but then I changed path because it just didn't seem like the right fit for me. My advisor told me about occupational therapy and what it means to help your community and people with disability. 

I ended up falling in love with occupational therapy— seeing the impact that it has on people and your environment— it seemed very fulfilling.

Benefits of Hybrid Education

I’m a mother, and the hybrid format offered me to be home almost full-time. I still have other responsibilities outside of class so the hybrid program is nice for that aspect. I can freely do the work when I want to.

Learning in Holistic Stages

The teaching of courses is all stages, building on top of each other. That spiral learning is helping to really bring back what we originally learned— the basics of occupational therapy.

We also talk about health conditions and social issues, that they're one and the same. You can't have occupational therapy without thinking of those two things together, because if you do, we're not thinking about the person holistically.

Feeling Supported by Faculty

They're always there for you. They really care about your success.  And it's every single student.

It doesn't matter who you are, what you look like, they are all inclusive. They are all respectful.

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