eOTD Fieldwork Schedule

During the course of the three-year Entry-Level Occupational Therapy Doctorate (eOTD) curriculum, each student will complete four part-time Level I experience and two full-time Level II fieldwork experiences. Requests for clinical experiences are made a year in advance for the next calendar year.

eOTD Class of 2025

Experience Rotation Semester
Level I Fieldwork IA (8 weeks) Spring 2023
Level I Fieldwork IB (8 weeks) Summer 2023
Level I Fieldwork IC (8 weeks) Fall 2023
Level I Fieldwork ID (8 weeks) Spring 2024
Level II Fieldwork IIA (12 weeks) Summer 2024
Level II Fieldwork IIB (12 weeks) Fall 2024
Capstone Experience (14 weeks) Spring 2025

Individual student fieldwork and capstone starting and ending dates may slightly vary.