Iman Nasir with Natalia Anzaldua at Cherry Blossoms

Iman Nasir


Plano, Texas

Undergraduate Major

Communication Science and Disorders


Biomedical Sciences

A Holistic Career

I realized that medicine wasn't really for me and that I wanted a holistic approach.

I want to see an individual more than once, see their journey, see them grow, and see other aspects of their life that probably are affecting their mental health and their physical health.

A Flexible Program

Hybrid is an added value because I originally wanted to have my personal life in Dallas, Texas, and also be able to come to school and enhance my career. I have the flexibility of going home when I want and I'm able to learn.

Importance of Diversity

Diversity is really important in occupational therapy because it has been a predominantly white Caucasian field. There are a lot of clients with different backgrounds, social classes, and ethnicities, and it's really important to be able to have that understanding of where they're from and be able to help them in a way that you probably wouldn't know how.

Learning through Washington, D.C.

The faculty have done a good job of trying to get us outside of the program and being able to enhance our learning in the community.

It is important to see things happening. 

We just had the Easter Egg Roll, which is really cool. This is the first year that they had the accessibility needs, and we were invited to come, which was an honor to be there. I feel like it was really important for us to see how the children with disabilities were able to get around and get their eggs. We got them a little check pointer so they could point to the egg and then we got them a little reacher to grab, so they could grab the egg instead of with their hands. We had auditory eggs, where we basically had eggs that had a noise on them, so if people were blind, they were able to identify the eggs, as well. Parents were very grateful- I feel like they hadn't seen that before.

It's more hands-on learning, as well, versus just in the classroom setting.

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