Community Engagement

GW Occupational Therapy Students at White House Easter Egg Roll holding adaptive devices

The Foundations for Advocacy

During a portion of the on-campus residency schedule, students will continue their commitment to community involvement and civic engagement through extended GW partnerships with organizations in the Washington, D.C. area. Students will engage with diverse populations to apply evidence-informed critical thinking and problem-solving to address community needs and advocate for social change.

Housing and employment opportunities are significant issues for people with disabilities, which contributes to increased social isolation, depression, rates of suicide, and more.

Engaged from the Beginning

Students are given opportunities to apply occupational therapy principles and curricular themes to practical and real-life experiences in the community.

Students will work with diverse populations, examine the systemic issues affecting the clients, individually and communally, and create ways to mitigate health and social disparities. By engaging with the community and other professions, students will expand their professional network and build relationships engaging with those directly impacted by policies.

GW OT Service Learning
Students Assisting with Activities of Daily Living

at Community Partner Sites​​​
GW OT Students volunteering in kitchen
Students Preparing a Meal at Community Partner Site,

Capital Clubhouse
OT PT and SLP volunteering at White House Easter Egg Roll
Students at the White House

Easter Egg Roll Sensory-Friendly Session

Our Community Partners

Capital Clubhouse
Capital Clubhouse offers opportunities for socializing, employment, education, and more to individuals living in the community with mental illness.
Capitol Hill Village
Capitol Hill Village provides community building, socializing, and resources for well, community dwelling older adults. 
C3 Cares
C3, Community Concierge Care, offers health and wellness support in public housing units.
Our Stomping Ground
Our Stomping Ground creates community by connecting adults with autism with resources for independent living, education, employment, and socializing.
Little friends for peace
Little Friends for Peace offers various peace education programs for youth and adults to counter violence by sharing skills to prevent, resolve, and transform conflict.


Gratitude from the Community


"This is great! I wish there were more opportunities like this. Having the GW therapy students (OT, PT, SLP) there, who know us- I mean know about disability- makes us feel better about coming to a big event like this with all the crowds."

- Parent Attendee, The White House Easter Egg Roll Sensory Session


"This is so wonderful to have the speech, PT and OT students there to support us. The event went off without any difficulties for my daughter and we couldn't tell who were therapy students, or not, but just knowing they are there and have our backs, just in case, is so comforting. We rarely feel anyone has our back."  

- Parent Attendee, The White House Easter Egg Roll Sensory Session