Fieldwork for eOTD Students

Stethoscope on a table with someone's hands typing on a laptop in the background.

Student Requirements for Level I and II Fieldwork

Entry-Level Occupational Therapy Doctorate (eOTD) students must meet the following requirements to participate in the fieldwork education program:

  • Successful completion of all previous coursework with a passing grade including all practical examinations, and a comprehensive examination (prior to level II fieldwork)
  • Professional behavior and development through faculty and clinical educator assessments
  • Safe, legal, and ethical performance in all didactic and clinical experiences
  • Completion of Pre-Clinical Requirements

These are common requirements for direct patient care at many clinical settings that provide clinical experiences for GW occupational therapy students. However, there are clinical sites that may require additional requirements, health testing, updated criminal background checks, or drug screens prior to clinical experiences.