Jill Yanick Featured in Latest Publication of American Society of Hand Therapists Newsletter

May 31, 2023
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GW OT Instructor Jill Yanick providing blood flow restriction training

Jill Yanick, OTR/L, CHT, adjunct instructor in the occupational therapy program, recently wrote an article that was featured in the official quarterly news publication for ASHT members, The ASHT Times

On the first page of the Spring 2023 newsletter, Yanick discusses the increasingly popular and innovative treatment plan, blood flow restriction training (BFR), and the physiology behind gaining muscle mass while limiting excessive stress on the joints.

“I always enjoy bridging the gap between clinical practice and education, so it was fun to write about a rehabilitation method that is not always utilized with upper extremity rehabilitation. I hope this treatment intervention catches on and occupational therapists are inspired to try this approach in their practice,” said Jill Yanick.

In consecutive pages, Yanick continues the discussion on the positive impacts across demographics, highlights various case studies, and emphasizes the need for additional research on upper extremity training programs. 

“BFR has become far more commonplace in physical training and rehabilitation regimens but can be beneficial to many other populations and pathologies including geriatric populations, people with inflammatory and pain conditions, or patients with more extensive soft tissue injuries,” said Yanick.

To read the latest edition of the exclusive news publication featuring the article, “Expanding Your Therapy Toolbox with Blood Flow Restriction Training” and to view resources to start implementing the treatment approach, visit ASHT.org.

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