GW OT Student Ambassadors

The GW Occupational Therapy Student Ambassadors are current graduate students that support the mission of the program by speaking with prospective OTD students about the student experience. Student ambassadors are available to share their first-hand perspective on what life is like as a GW student in Washington, D.C. in a hybrid education program. Ask them about course work, faculty, the city, and more.

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Jenny Kim

Jenny Kim

Celia Accardi

Celia Accardi


Fremont, California

Maplewood, New Jersey

Alma Mater

University of California, Irvine

Rutgers University


Art (crochet, digital, baking), yoga, exploring cafes/restaurants.

Anything art related (listening to music, drawing, painting), travel, exploring different neighborhoods/places.

Why Chose GW?
  • "Because we're in the nation's capital, we have so many opportunities here that you really can't get anywhere else."

  • "There's so much flexibility with a hybrid program.

  • "The faculty are a very diverse group, very well established, and all come from different places and different backgrounds."

  • "The program and curriculum are designed to teach a lot about cultural humility, occupational justice, and approaching people from a holistic lens."




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